STERITOOL INC is the world's largest manufacture of Stainless Steel Hand Tools for use in critical applications where the highest level of corrosion resistance, quality, and performance is demanded.

We have the widest range of stainless steel hand tools for off-the-shelf delivery and specialize in manufacturing custom hand tools to meet the demands of the world leaders in sterile process environments.

It is the policy and objective of STERITOOL INC to produce a superior quality product suitable for its intended use and application. It is the commitment of STERITOOL INC to do so in a manner which provides consistency of product quality with superior customer satisfaction.

Stainless Steel is the preferred alloy for use in environments which require the highest level of resistance to corrosion, contamination, particulate generation, the ability to withstand countless sterilization cycles and exposure to harsh cleaning processes.

As a manufacture of Stainless Steel Hand Tools serving industry leaders in pharmaceutical, medical, tech, Food & Beverage, MRI(non-magnetic application), Aero Space, chemical processing, and other critical environment industries, we take our manufacturing processes and quality control seriously. All processes are documented. All critical processes have strict controls and are evaluated on a regular basis to insure consistency, quality, and to discover opportunities for improvement. All of the material we use is 100% traceable and all critical processes adhere to industry standards.