TOP SECRET: Round vs. HEX Handle!?!?

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Over the years we have been asked why we make our handles HEX shape instead of round. We have kept our silence on the matter as it is top secret...

Many other manufactures utilize cheaper round stock to make handles for their screwdrivers, nut drivers, hex drivers, and any other application where a handle is used.

The secret...

We chose HEX because... wait for it... drum roll please... because... (looks over shoulders for any corporate spies) IT DOES NOT ROLL OFF THE TABLE! There you have it! The big secret is out.

We wanted to make sure our tools stayed put and would not cause any injuries to operators or harm to any nearby machinery.

Many of our customers use high value machines, instruments, and components. We wanted to make sure our tools did not become a liability.

Our line of Stainless Steel Handles come in three sizes. We can pre drill them any diameter and depth you need. We can also make custom shapes and length to meet your needs!

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