New look coming for Steritool products :-)

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In the coming months, Steritool will be implementing a new look across a wide range of its existing products. Our sockets, nut drivers, hex keys, screwdrivers, power bits, bits, square drive bits and other products will go from a polished finish to a semi-gloss matte finish.

Current polished stainless steel finish (#11959 - 1/4" L Hex Key):

The semi-gloss matte finish will replicate the finish we offer on our wrenches as seen below (#20050 - 17mm Combo Wrench):

The process involved in producing the semi-gloss matte finish will produce a more even look across a wide range of tools and will reduce tarnishing and the chance of uneven finishes seen from time to time.

The new finish will also reduce any vision impediment caused by reflection of bright lights in glove boxes and other environments where high intensity lights are used.

No changes in cleaning or handling will be required. There will be no changes to the structure of the stainless alloy and no coatings, chemicals, or gimmicks are used to create this finish.

As we transition from the old polished took to the new finish, we will have situations where sets of tools such as: socket sets, hex key sets, screwdriver sets, etc., will come with mixed finishes. This is unfortunately unavoidable, but we will work diligently to bring all of our inventory up to the new finish as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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